BlackFog Privacy 3.0

BlackFog Privacy protects you from both data and identity theft by blocking the flow of data OFF your device to untrusted third party servers. You can even visualize the flow of traffic on the world map. It significantly reduces your risk of infection from hackers by eliminating the attack surface area by more than 200%. Since BlackFog does not require knowledge of prior attacks (unlike anti-virus software) we are able to offer innoculation from new variants as they appear. Safe Browsing is assured by eliminating malware distribution through ad networks and data collection activities. Anti-espionage activities include protection from eavesdropping through microphone notification, forensic data collection, keystroke logging and disabling third party forensic tools. Specifically focuses: - Anti-espionage; - Anti-spyware; - Anti-ransomware; - Ad Blocking; - Forensic Data Removal
The application is customizable using its built-in ruleset which is constantly updated with new defenses as they are released. The product operates in the background and provides a dashboard summary of its findings. In addition, BlackFog Privacy is also able to securely remove any trace activity from your computer using Department of Defense data wiping standards.

What's new in this version:
- Completely rebuilt as a Service so it can be used without elevated privileges - Added mapping of Geographic blocks on world map - Added Ukraine to default countries to block - Added Browser auto clean option so that browser is cleaned after each exit - Added new Enterprise options for configuration purposes - Added customization option for Geographic blocks in Network options - Added support for Windows 10 Creators Update - Added Disable feature to allow installation of new applications... See all new features »

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Operating systems:
Windows 7/8/10

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