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Instant File Opener


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Instant File Opener

Create a list of multiple files, programs, folders, and URLs to be opened at the same time by opening a single special file or by logging into Windows. Files are opened with their associated program. You can add any type of item to a list: video files, music files, documents, text files, programs, folders, Web site URLs. Lists can be saved as special files that automatically open everything in your list or that pop-up a selection menu to allow a user to pick what to open. For maximum efficiency and portability, a list can be saved as a VBScript file or in a special Instant File Opener file format. Instant File Opener is a quick and easy way to open many different things. It will increase your productivity and organization.

Version 3.0.1:
Improved item editing.
Added ability to manually edit paths of files and folders.
Added "program" item type to allow management of a program's arguments, start-in path, and run as admin option.
Added new custom Instant File Opener List file format that has a GUI menu interface and does not use VBS.
Improved Cleaner tool (users can view list of files to be removed and cancel cleaning).
Added ability to choose between the user's default web browser and a specific web browser.
Added option to add duplicate files to a list after displaying a warning dialog.
Major update to Help file.
Fixed bug that would cause the program not to find the default web browser's full path on some systems.
Misc minor bug fixes and improvements.

Operating systems:
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows NT, Windows Server 2008