Achieve remote control by inputting partner's IP.

Netman is a high security and user-friendly remote control software that is free. As high security software it adopts the DSE encrypt mode generally used by banks which is safe and reliable. You can also set treble password to ensure the safety. Moreover, you can start your computer remotely when it's needed; log it off when you finish remote working. Thus Netman is the safest remote control software over the world. As user-friendly software Netman can work without installation and behind any firewalls. And the best part is you don't need any proxy. You can achieve remote control by simply inputting partner's IP displayed on Netman. As remote control software it provides functions of having computers turned on and shutted down remotely, desktop sharing, mouse and keyboard controlling, video starting remotely, files and folders managing, instant message. In addition, the controlling speed is fast. Screen Sharing: You can see directly its screen, master its mouse and keyboard, take pictures and record movements of its screen. What's more, you can also switch over to let your partner control you at any time. High controlling speed and Smooth pictures transformation offer you a supreme experience of remote access. Files Management: Upload and download files to and from your partner's computer, modify file name, create new folders, delete files. With Netman in your computer, you won't need to rush Back and Forth for the files leaving behind and thus improve your work efficiency. Video Conversation: Remotely turn on the camera connected to partner's computer; remotely monitor and video chat, moreover, record everything that is monitored. Remote start/shutdown: With Netman Computer Starter (hardware), the only thing you need to do is to dial the phone that is next to this computer then you can start the computer remotely. If you've already installed Netman software in it and then you can get access to it and manage it.

Operating systems:
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT