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RapidTyping Portable


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RapidTyping is a popular typing tutor program

RapidTyping PortableRapidTyping PortableRapidTyping PortableRapidTyping PortableRapidTyping PortableRapidTyping PortableRapidTyping PortableRapidTyping Portable

A portable version of the popular RapidTyping, this software marks the latest in typing software. Learning how to type with RapidTyping is both a fun and productive experience. The portable version means that it does not need to be installed on your PC and it can run straight off a USB flash drive or any other type of media. Making it an even more attractive possibility, RapidTyping is also entirely free. Lessons are conveniently set up in such a manner that you can improve your typing abilities or start at the absolute beginning. Multiple user support makes RapidTyping a perfect tool for educational facilities such as schools and universities. Professional typists, teachers and writers will find the ability of RapidTyping to create their own courses tailored to each student truly invaluable. Custom lessons and courses allow designing your very own typing tutor tailored specifically to your needs. RapidTyping provides a complete virtual keyboard with both hands moving over it to show the right typing position for each hand and finger. Highlighted zones for each finger help you learn placing your fingers properly a second nature in no time. In a surprisingly little amount of time, you will be able to learn touch typing, the only proper and professional way to type. This typing software is designed to be intuitive and innovative and fun to use for children and adults alike. It will help you get over any unwanted habits you have obtained in the past and replace them with better typing habits.

What's new in this version:
Version 5.2:<ul> <li>Rapid Typing is now also available as 64-bit Windows program</li> <li>User logout without closing application</li> <li>Teacher creates new student accounts with own lesson settings</li> <li>Speed and Accuracy diagrams can be displayed together or separately</li> <li>Lesson Goal is displayed on the Speed and Accuracy diagrams</li> <li>Result window and student diagrams are displayed without delay</li> <li>Using multi select to assign courses to a group</li> <li>Use na... See all new features »

Operating systems:
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10