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Right Click Enhancer Portable



Right Click Enhancer Portable combines two of our favorite things: context menu enhancements and portable freeware. This simple tool lets you customize the

Copy Files Faster You can add new files and folder shortcuts to send to menu using Right Click Enhancer, that will help you copy stuffs to folders faster. Just right click on the file and use send to menu to copy it to that location. You can also use Copy to folder and Move to folder to copy or move items quickly. Edit new menu You can add new file types or remove old ones from new menu using Right Click Enhancer. You can even add file types with default content so next time when you create that type of file using new menu, you will get file with that content already present. Add useful options You can add some useful options to right click menu like famous God Mode option that brings all the configuration options of Windows in one place. There are plenty of options like this that can help you create files and folders list of directory, take ownership of multiple files and folders easily and many others productivity tweaks. Manage right click menu of IE Right Click Enhancer lets you add, edit or remove right click menu entries inside Internet Explorer. Edit file associations with ease You can edit the file icon, description shown under files and other aspects using Right Click Enhancer. Export anything to registry file You can export all the changes you done using Right Click Enhancer Professional to registry file so you can use that file on other PC and make the same changes on that PC without installing the application.

Operating systems:
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Additional requirements:
.NET Framework 4.0 or higher