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Altova Authentic Community Edition



View and edit data in XML documents and relational databases in WYSIWYG environment.

Altova Authentic Community Edition

Altova Authentic 2016 Community Edition is a FREE WYSIWYG XML and database content editor that allows non-technical users to view and edit data in XML documents and relational databases without being exposed to the underlying technology. They simply fill in electronic forms using the word processor-style interface, and the source XML or SQL database content is automatically accessed and updated behind the scenes. Available as a desktop client or browser plug-in, Authentic Community Edition is ideally suited as the user interface element of advanced XML-based document frameworks and SQL database-oriented applications. It is perfect for use in XML authoring, document management, Web publishing, transaction reporting, and knowledge management applications. Authentic is easily integrated into other applications - it includes both Java and COM APIs so Authentic functionality can be called from or embedded into external code. End users of Authentic are typically business people such as office managers, order processors, salespeople, marketing professionals, authors, copywriters, reporters, or field representatives. The intuitive Authentic interface works like a familiar and intelligent word processor, accepting information through straightforward electronic forms, then seamlessly validating it according to the rules of your schema or content model. This innovative approach to XML and SQL database content editing unlocks corporate knowledge and increases overall efficiency. Authentic eForms are created and modified using Altova StyleVision, and Authentic includes numerous pre-built forms for industry standard XML vocabularies. An Authentic eForm can be distributed to an unlimited number of end user workstations at no expense. Authentic Community Edition is offered under FREE a software license, which means you can deploy Authentic across entire workgroups without incurring the expense of purchasing software for each workstation.

New features, bug fixes, and other enhancements.

Operating systems:
Windows XP/Vista/Server 2008/7/8