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Cole2k Media Codec Pack (Advanced)


Cole2k Media

Play all your movie and music files in your favorite Media Player using the pack of codecs.

Cole2k Media Codec Pack (Advanced)Cole2k Media Codec Pack (Advanced)Cole2k Media Codec Pack (Advanced)

The Cole2k Media Advanced Codec Pack is an easy way to install all main stream codecs to play movie and music files downloaded from the web or ripped from original sources. Installation is made easy with an easy install option and the most functional setting are automatically applied. Under Windows 7 and Vista popular file types are set to play in Windows Media Player, although the codecs will work in every player. Codecs for encoding and editing are included in the pack with settings automatically applied to suit most encoding, ripping and editing applications.The codec pack includes both 32bit and 64bit codecs enabling it to work with 32bit and 64bit version of Microsoft Windows and players. Files supported include .mkv .mka (Matroska) .avi .bdmv .evo .mp4 .m4v .m4a .flv .webm .ogm .ogg .ts .ps .ac3 (Dolby Digital) .dts (Digital Theater Surround) .flac .ape (Monkey Audio) .aac .ofr (OptimFrog) .mpc (Musepack) .wv (WavPack) and many more Compression types supported include 10bit x264 (Hi10p), x264, h264, AVC, DivX, XviD, MJPEG (Morgan JPEG) MPEG4 and many more.

Version 8.0.2: Updated: ffdshow to version 1.2.4504. Updated: ffdshow x64 to version 1.2.4504. Updated: Flash Video (FLV) Splitter to version Updated: Flash Video (FLV) Splitter x64 to version Updated: LAV Video Codec, Audio Codec and Splitter to version 0.55.3. Updated: LAV Video Codec, Audio Codec and Splitter x64 to version 0.55.3. Updated: L.A.M.E MP3 ACM Encoder Codec to version 3.99.5. Updated: VSFilter/DirectVobSub to version 2.41.6001. Updated: VSFilter/DirectVobSub x64 to version 2.41.6001. Updated: CDXA Reader to version Updated: CDXA Reader x64 to version Updated: Auto detection of DXVA and Intel Quick Sync graphics cards. Added: XviD 1.3.2 MTK Video VFW (Encoder) Codec. Added: XviD 1.3.2 MTK x64 Video VFW (Encoder) Codec. Added: Codec Settings GUI. Added: Tasktray Icon/Menu. Added: Update Checker.

Operating systems:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2008