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Interactive Media Display


Viewtech International

Set up an interactive medium to enable communication between viewers and a content provider.

Interactive Media Display (IMD), an ingenious open architecture digital sygnage system. IMD utilized audio, video and text. It serves as a interactive medium enabling communication between viewers and content provider. IMD is users for :- Publishing Notices
Interactive Application on Kiosk
Advertisement broadcasting
Infotainment delivery system IMD usage can be applied to :-
Exhibition Halls
Office and Business Areas
Public Notice Areas
Restaurants IMD Features include
Full manageable and access from a web using internet explorer
Remotely configurable playlist
Sequence or time based scheduling
Remote control of system start up or shutdown time (hardware dependent)
Able to support multimedia files (flash, jpg, bmp, html, windows media file format)
Remote system volume control
User friendly and easy to use.

Operating systems:
Windows 7, Windows XP

Additional requirements:
500GB Hard Disk; 4GB RAM