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JonDo enables its users to stay anonymous on the internet by giving access to strong anonymisation systems. It hides the users IP address from website operators, network admins, providers, intelligence agencies and even the operators of the accessed anonymisation systems. Each application that should be anonymised has to be configured separately for using JonDo. No registry settings have to be changed, and administration rights are not needed, neither for installation, nor for running the program. The software is open source and free for use. It grants access to both free and commercial anonymisation services.

fixed UTF8 transformation
fixed possible null pointers in startup classes
proxy-keep-alive support for direct proxy
show always top of terms and conditions
preload anonym-o-meter images for offline and connecting
clarified data retention dialogs
close cascade popup on main window click
asynchronous update of payment instances on startup
downsized DSA key pool for accounts to one
create InfoService statistics about Java versions and operating systems
lower granularity on version statistics
added explicit custom filter option for free services
enforce some Java updates by a non-removable update window

Operating systems:
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000