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Create resumes and cover letters that grab employers' attention.

ResumeMaker ProfessionalResumeMaker ProfessionalResumeMaker ProfessionalResumeMaker ProfessionalResumeMaker ProfessionalResumeMaker Professional

ResumeMaker includes every tool you need to write a professional resume, search for jobs, and prepare for interviews and salary negotiation. Import Your LinkedIn Profile - Save time and turn it into a quality, professional resume. ResumeMaker Cloud - Free! Publish your resume at your own private web address in the cloud. Send a URL of your resume to hiring managers and recruiters. Direct Links to Social Media Sites - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Post your resume on popular social media sites directly from ResumeMaker. Job Search on Twitter with TwitJobSearch.com - Get the advantage with Twitter's Job Search. Also search all major job sites and 50,000 corporate sites to locate millions of job openings in your search area. Windows 8 Job Feeder App - Receive Up-to-Date Notifications on Your Desktop or Tablet of the jobs that fit your search criteria. ResumeMaker On-the-Go Mobile App - Search, edit and send your resume anytime, anywhere from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Table. More Ways to Build a Professional Resume than any Brand! Choose from 5 ways to create a quality resume and select the method that is best for you. New! 2 Easy Ways to Install - With a CD or a software download. Great for PCs and Tablets. Resume Library of Over 1,250 Professionally Written Resumes. Search the library for the resume that matches your career and industry. Customize the resume with your unique information for a polished, quality resume. Prepare for Interviews and Salary Negotiations. ResumeMaker has every financial tool you need to be "Interview-Ready". Practice your responses to challenging questions hiring managers ask. Get up-to-date salary information about the jobs you apply for, by title and region, and land the job.

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