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The Best Keylogger

3.54 build 1005

The Best KeyLogger

Monitor PC activities by logging keystrokes, chat sessions, Web sites, and screen shots.

The Best Keylogger

We provide you The Best Keylogger available today! With this tool you will be able to know exactly was is happening on your computer without you even being there. You can send all the logs to your email or ftp address. You can even flush all the logs to your USB drive once inserted. The Best keylogger works in hidden mode and is completely invisible on your computer. What does the The Best Keylogger monitor? The Best Keylogger logs all keystrokes, mouseclicks, applications, windows, websites, email sent and received, chat conversations, system events, documents printed, file usage and screenshots! The Best Keylogger can also filter to only log specific users, only log specific applications and deny access to applications and websites. The Best Keylogger can activate it self when windows starts and is completely invisible. All logs can be sent to you via mail so you can monitor your computer without being there. The logs are encrypted and can only be viewed with The Best Keylogger after you enter your admin password. There is no better way to have full control of your computer. Learn the truth today. What is a keylogger? Keyloggers are programs which record each keystroke on the computer they are installed on. This provides a complete log of text entered such as passwords, emails sent and websites visited. This log can then be automatically sent over a remote connection without the person using the computer necessarily knowing about it. Because of this, keyloggers are typically associated with malicious software and they will usually be picked up and removed by virus scanners. However, there are also keyloggers which are commercially available for home or office use. In this way, keyloggers have a distinct set of purposes which make them very useful in certain situations.

Added: Support to disable unlocking keylogger with keywords.
Added: New Top 10 report Keystrokes Typed.
Added: New Top 10 report Files Created.
Added: New Top 10 report Files Renamed.
Added: New Top 10 report Files Deleted.
Added: New Top 10 report Printer Used.
Added: New Top 10 report Clipboard Content.
Added: New Top 10 report Mouse Item Clicked.
Added: New Top 10 report Screenshots Taken.
Added: Support to not log certain processes.
Added: Support to not log certain users.
Added: New Clipboard logger.
Added: New Webpage logger.
Added: Link to Facebook.
Added: Link to Twitter.
Added: Link to Youtube.
Added: Link to Faq.
Added: Link to Website.
Changed: Systemtray icon is now hidden as default.

Operating systems:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT